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Review: STAR TREK BEYOND (2016)

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Here's the inaugural review of GHOSTBUSTERS (2016):

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Last week's show? One day late. So have this week's show one day early - enjoy!

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Hello friends.

The following was to be the script to this week's IN BOB WE TRUST, which would've been posted a few hours from now once it had been edited together. The subject was to be adding some context to some social media flaming I've been enduring for suggesting that, in the wake of Sunday's ghastly events in Orlando re: the worst mass-shooting in U.S. history; it might be prudent for people presenting at the also-unfolding E3 conference to look at any of their trailers/showcases involving gunplay and ask "Is there anything in here that will make me look like an asshole today, in light of this?"

Since it was hard to think about anything else, I decided to turn elaborating on my feelings about the blowback my Tweet received and what it says about geek/gamer culture's issue with empathy into an episode... only to discover when it came time to actually record the audio and put it together that there was just no way to make the seriousness of the subject-matter "gel" with my standard video presentation (i.e. jokey graphics, fast-delivery, etc) - and that in actually following through, I'd be (potentially, at least) engaging in the kind of good-intentions/poor-taste business I was questioning in the first place. So I decided not to.

There will be an episode of IN BOB WE TRUST this week, but it will arrive on Wednesday or late Tuesday night. My call, no one else's, felt it was what was best. But for posterity's sake (and because I feel it reads better in text format anyway, I'm presenting my thoughts as originally-scripted here. I hope you find something worthwhile in them, and apologize for the delay in episode production.

Thank you.

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Review: WARCRAFT (2016) - Updated with Video

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In Bob We Trust: AGENTS OF S.H.I.P.

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It won't surprise me if the overall consensus on TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: OUT OF THE SHADOWS (just TMNT 2 from here out, okay?) is that it's an improvement on the first film. It is - but only in the sense that the bar is already set so painfully low. The first film was a full-blown piece of shit - badly directed, badly scripted, poorly acted, edited into a clusterfuck to fix story problems that never should've made it that far to begin with and ugly to look at from top to bottom - this is seriously one of the worst production-designed series ever.

The sequel carries over all the pre-existing problems, but this time things are marginally better directed (however much of it was actually directed, since so much of it is so obviously comprised of bog-standard pre-viz) and they've imported a bunch of fanservice aimed squarely at the first-wave Millennial entertainment bloggers most likely to get assigned to review it by their Russian and/or Chinese owned traffic farm - er.. I mean, Perfectly Legitimate News Outlet so... yeah, the reviews will be better.

It's still pretty fucking bad.

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FYI: There have been questions re: AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. recaps. Short answer: Yeah, Season 3 ultimately got so tiresome I couldn't bring myself to do write-ups of it anymore. However, with the season now concluded, I will be addressing that on the next installment of this series, tentatively arriving one week from today. Stay tuned :)

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Really That Good: SUPERMAN (1978)

Watch it now, in case Warner Bros' bogus copyright claim goes through (if so, there is a Vimeo version.)

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Cinemassacre vs Ghostbusters vs Internet

NOTE: This was originally written as the script for a video, but I decided it read better than it sounded performed. As ever, if you like what I do here, there's a MovieBob Patreon for that. 

Alright. The Internet is all up in arms because of the below video wherein a guy who reviews movies says he's not going to review the GHOSTBUSTERS remake mainly for nostalgia/"respect-the-original" reasons (and will instead do a "non-review" seemingly mostly about the failed attempts to make a proper GHOSTBUSTERS III over the years); and I find the fallout interesting because half the web is celebrating: "Hooray! Famous Internet Man has joined our anti-feminist witch-hunt!;" while the other half is scolding him over:"Boo! Famous Internet Man joined their anti-feminist witch-hunt."

Meanwhile, the gender-flip business of the remake doesn't really come up other than a factual acknowledgment thereof in the actual video, making it nicely illustrative of the tiresome way discussion of this movie has become proxy-vs-proxy and not about the movie at all... but also of who's to blame for that tiresomeness in the first place (HINT: It ain't the so-called "SJWs.") Anyway, there's the video, my take after the jump.

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Review: X-MEN: APOCALYPSE (2016)

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Broken record time: There are plenty of pre-modern (read: prior to BATMAN BEGINS/IRON MAN) superhero movies that absolutely hold up. Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN is one. The 1978 SUPERMAN is one. BATMAN RETURNS... sort of. The first two BLADE movies, definitely - I know we're only "supposed" to like BLADE II because of Guillermo del Toro, but the first one is totally serviceable.

But the X-MEN movies? No. They don't hold up. Portions of them do: McKellan's Magneto is a hell of a performance, Jackman as Wolverine was a great discovery, Patrick Stewart is... basically doing exactly what you expected, so it's fine. Zeroing in on the gay-youth metaphor was a good idea. Sort-of-nude Mystique is iconic. X2 has a decent-ish screenplay, which helps alot. But taken as a whole? Only FIRST CLASS is a straight-up good movie, and THE WOLVERINE is 2/3rds of a good B-movie. The rest of them are varying degrees of straight-up bad (ORIGINS: WOLVERINE and X3 being the worst) - aesthetically ugly, blandly directed, filler-packed half-efforts of which X2 gets a pass because it's screenplay is good enough and restricting 90% of the action to the X-Mansion, underlit hallways and... more underlit hallways helps disguise Bryan Singer's inability to properly direct action sequences or really any sequence with more than one plane of action and more than three active characters.

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Catching Up 5/4/2016

Hey! Did you notice I've been a little quiet on this website the last few weeks? Well, it's because big things* have been in the works. Two of which can now be read up on ScreenRant:

Sure, you've probably read through the "which order to watch the Marvel Movies in" lists, and you've probably done your refresher-course work to get ready for CIVIL WAR (review forthcoming, incidentally) - but have you ever wanted to be able to look at a chronological breakdown of every event depicted in the MCU movies starting with the beginning of the Universe (as in The Big Bang) right up to this very week, including the events of the Netflix series and AGENTS OF S.H.I.EL.D.? Well, now you can. The (tentative) plan is to update it as new information becomes available, so bookmark it now if you want to - either way, enjoy!

Exactly what it says on the label. Sometimes work is hard, sometimes work is hard but you're getting paid to explain how Comet The Superhorse works.

*Yes, the long-awaited REALLY THAT GOOD: SUPERMAN is in fact one of those big things. It's on the way, and I thank you for your patience. As ever, both speeding me up and keeping me afloat period are functions of The MovieBob Patreon :)

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Here We Go Again...

The screencap, in case this was an early trigger-pull and they take it down:

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TV RECAP: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 - Episode 17: "The Team"

"The Team" has been teased as "the one you've been waiting for," since it's plot supposedly involves finally giving the Secret Warriors (i.e. Daisy and the handful of good-guy Inhumans we've met so far this season) a full-fledged mission; in this case to rescue the rest of the cast from being held captive by Hive and Giyera. The sequence where this actually happens is pretty impressive, with the standout business being the chemistry between Yoyo and Joey, even if it does serve to highlight that giving AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D its own mini-Avengers to play with only highlights how much of an also-ran the series feels like in its lesser moments.

But whatever, it's actually a tiny part of the episode, is over quickly and the entire Secret Warriors storyline more or less goes "That's it, next thing!" by midpoint. Gotcha!

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TV RECAP: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 - Episode 16: "Paradise Lost"

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In the wake of some much needed diversion from formula in last week's offbeat future-seeing episode, "Paradise Lost" gets us back to AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Classic Recipe: a lot of low-tech-playing-high-tech diversions with the promise of later payoffs, capped off by a last-minute swerve and (for good measure) someone slamming their fist on the big red button marked Major Plot Point with enough flourish to almost make it feel like an earned moment as opposed to "Hey! The writers have just been informed of how CIVIL WAR shakes out."

Spoilers after the jump...

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Review: HARDCORE HENRY (2016)

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HARDCORE HENRY is the sort of gleefully violent sensory-assault moviemaking that critics sometimes like to say feels "made by a madman," but in overall execution it's just a hair too deliberately-structured and well made for that to be a fair assessment. All told, the film is much closer to a (slightly) more polished version of a student film handed in by the class troublemaker; a show-off reel of every wicked, dangerous, inventive, perverse creative impulse they've got all in one go-for-broke splatter of imagination - as though they can't believe someone finally let them play with the camera and they know it has to count because they'll never be allowed to play with it again.

The results of such work are often tiresome, but at their best they offer a window into a unique, unrestrained vision. Like a lot of present-day art-school anarchists, director Ilya Naishuller's vision is one thoroughly cluttered with the influence of YouTube parkour and the video-game aesthetic; but also one with an awareness (however nascent) of those influences beyond mere imitation.

MILD SPOILERS from here onward:

TV Recap: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 - Episode 15: Spacetime

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Another week, another "just fine" Season 3 episode that makes for a good watch but continues to feel like we're running out of time to arrive somewhere more interesting by the finale, with the broader Inhumans storyline once again being waylaid for a chance at using the surprise-superpower gimmick as a way to get back into the monster of the week business that made so much of Season 1 so tiresome. Still, the idea this time is a novel one and the episode itself has some above-average direction, so call it a win.